Extended Workshops

The WEA Inclusionary Practices Technical Assistance Network is proud to offer a new opportunity for educators seeking to deepen their understanding and application of inclusive practices. Our Extended Workshops are designed to provide an immersive and interactive learning model that will enhance skills and knowledge and foster a growth mindset.

The Extended Workshops are a blended learning model that leverages interactive and collaborative Zoom sessions, as well as asynchronous learning facilitated through WEA ITPN’s LearnDash LMS. The series of classes will guide a cohort through a cycle of Collective Inquiry and Action Research, which will enrich educators’ collective knowledge of inclusive practices.

Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with facilitators and colleagues from across the state, explore an area of growth in their practice, form new skills or expand current skills with the support of their cohort, monitor and document their outcomes, and share new learnings on a platform. This process will help build a community of educators that reflect and advance their practice in a safe and inclusive space.