Resources for Parents and Guardians:

Early Learning Benchmarks

  • Discipline Procedures for Students Receiving Special Education Services. Note: A student in special education may be involved in two processes simultaneously:
    • General education discipline process, following the rules and procedures to address whether the student actually engaged in the misconduct, including any decisions about the length and type of removal; and
    • Special education discipline rules and procedures to make decisions about whether a student will be removed from her/his current special education placement, and if so, the services that will be provided to the student.
  • Special Education Parent Liaison. If you have questions about the special education process or difficulties communicating with your school district and need additional help, our office has a Special Education Parent Liaison to assist you.
  • IDEA Dispute Resolution Parent Guides.  CADRE provides videos and printed materials available in several languages.
  • Parents Guide to Developing Your Child’s IEP. This guide can help you learn what you need to know. It explains the basics of the special education process and gives you information on how to be an effective partner with your child’s school.
  • OSPI Community Complaints. A community complaint is a written statement to OSPI, alleging that a federal or state special education rule or law has been violated by: a school district, another public agency serving special education students, an educational service district, or the state.

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