UDL Extended Workshop

Participants in the Universal Design for Learning Extended Workshop learn why UDL is an effective strategy for individualizing instruction and how to apply it to your own practice. This 20- clock hour course will follow two PLC-style learning cycles:

  • The first cycle provides a grounding in UDL and provides tools to assess current practice as it relates to UDL principles, guidelines, and checkpoints plus an introduction to effective goal-setting.
  • In the second cycle, participants use the self-assessment as a reference point in designing, implementing, and documenting outcomes from a UDL based lesson plan.

This UDL course extension alternates between synchronous Zoom sessions and asynchronous activity facilitated through SESC’s LearnDash LMS, as follows:

  1. A 2-hour Zoom, [date/time], presenting the why & what of UDL
  2. Two weeks, [dates], for reading, reflection, & self-assessment
  3. A 2-hour Zoom, [date/time], focusing on UDL-based lesson planning.
  4. Four weeks for designing, implementing, and monitoring student outcomes resulting from ”quarter turns” and individualized instruction.
  5. A 2-hour Zoom, [date/time], for sharing reflections on gains in student learning, recent impact on practice, and next steps/challenges moving forward.
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