Coaching and Mentoring Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

course #2408, 6 clock hours

Universal Design for Learning coaches and mentors provide in-depth understanding of the UDL principles; exploring strategies to support their teachers/mentees with designing UDL lessons that include goals, assessments, methods, and materials. We will explore a mindset shift while addressing variability and reducing barriers in next generation students that are provided inclusive opportunities for all. Participants will leave with an experience of UDL lesson planning and resources to use in a coaching cycle.

Participants will:

  • establish a mindset with next generation teaching and learning skills as a critical focus to support student teaching and learning.
  • explore Washington State Learning Standards and support teachers to establish and prioritize learning goals.
  • create tangible artifacts and resources to continue supporting teachers in UDL.
  • facilitate inclusive UDL practices to create a more equitable opportunity for students.
  • identify and address barriers in goals, assessment, materials, and methods.
  • implement UDL principles in their setting.
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