Coaching and Mentoring High Leverage Practices

course # 2403, 6 clock hours

High Leverage Practices consist of four pillars (collaboration, assessment, social/emotional/behavioral, and instructional practices), that when implemented, accelerate learning for all students. HLPs have significant potential for improving academic and behavior outcomes especially for those students that struggle in an inclusive setting. School leaders will learn how to support educators to identify their abilities and address areas of growth. We will discuss barriers with distance learning and how HLPs can support overcoming them. Universal Design for Learning is the framework of the presentation and the course foundation.

Participants will:

  • explore education as a complex adaptive system.
  • work with the four pillars of HLPs to improve student outcomes and close gaps in practice.
  • learn how to support inclusive learning using Mind-The-Gap Tool with HLPs.
  • identify barriers students face in distance learning and connect HLPs that provide solutions.
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