Coaching and Mentoring for Specially Designed Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms

Course #2404, 6 clock hours

This course is designed for coaches, mentors and teacher leaders who support educators in inclusive settings. These leaders will learn how to guide educators through the process to develop and implement Specially Designed Instruction (SDI). Through the use of High Leverage Practices (HLP) and other methods, leaders will be able to support educators through courageous conversations to ensure the success of all students.

Participants will:
– Analyze the development and implementation of Specially Designed Instruction.
– Utilize tools to lead coaching conversations around identifying Specially Designed Instruction in inclusive classroom teaching.
– Cultivate the relationship and collaboration between special education and general education teachers to deliver Specially Designed Instruction in an inclusive setting.
– Practice coaching and mentoring skills through case study examination and collaboration with other participants.

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