The Family and Advocate Transforming Education (FATE)  team is part of the Special Education Support Center/WEA IPTN which provides training and education on inclusive practices for educators.  Our Team is a group of family members and students with lived experiences of disability in educational settings. Our mission is to support development of inclusive, collaborative practices by representing, lifting up and including disabled voices and their families in our trainings.   Highlighting the perspectives of disabled experiences within our communities is a needed step towards inclusion. Hearing others’ stories gives insight and perspective beyond what we learn in traditional educational practices,  grounding ideas with real, emotional, practical exposure.  Our WEA IPTN/SESC Family/Student team is committed to: 

  • Collaboration, partnership and support to educators and families.
  • Representation of voices with lived experiences 
  • Advocacy in educational communities
  • Illustrating practical, grounded ideas and strategies from disabled perspectives