Evaluation and IEP Technical Assistance Module

The OSPI technical assistance module is designed to provide information, resources, and examples relating to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) re-authorization and the Washington Administrative Code (section 392-172A). The content of the module is intended to assist special education staff in developing sufficient evaluations and properly formulated Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that improve instruction. Please note that the use of the module is meant to supplement and not supplant direct reading of materials from the U.S. Department of Education; chapter 392-172A WAC; Part 300 of the federal regulations; and, the Individuals with Disabilities Act. The module and/or materials should be used as guidance and applied by users according to their specific needs.

The module is currently being revised with expected release this fall.  In the meantime, you can access the current version on the OSPI website.  If you have questions or comments about the format and/or content of the module, please contact (360) 725-6075 or speced@k12.wa.us.