WEA Inclusionary Practices Technical Assistance Network 

The WEA IPTN is one organization of many organizations forming the OSPI Inclusionary Practice Technical Assistance Network. Inclusionary Practices Technical Assistance Network (IPTN) (ospi.k12.wa.us). The statewide network is dedicated to fostering inclusivity within Washington’s educational systems. Our collaborative network of technical assistance providers is committed to employing data-driven strategies to enhance access and justice, particularly for student subgroups historically marginalized from educational opportunities.
At the WEA IPTN, we prioritize comprehensive training for educators, school staff, parents, and service organizations. Experienced and current practitioners develop and deliver our professional development initiatives, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. From general educators to special educators, ESAs to para-educators, and administrators to parents of students with disabilities, our programs serve and support diverse audiences, fostering a culture of inclusivity and equitable access to education for all. Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive educational landscape for Washington’s students.

For inclusion to be successful, personnel from para-educators to district superintendents and families need to know what inclusion is and how their role is expected to support an inclusive learning environment. This movement is about changing the culture in Washington, and for that reason, OSPI has partnered with multiple professional development (PD) providers to provide PD to a wide range of audiences.