Why Inclusion? The Parent Perspective

course #2431, 6 clock hours

This course is designed to help give educators and colleagues purposeful and meaningful perspectives on inclusion from the caregiver’s point of view as well as practical applications using parents’ success stories. The course is led by a team of parents of students with disabilities, including some that are professionals in the field of education. The course is designed to help you understand that inclusive classrooms are more than just good practice, but that the concepts and ideas of inclusivity have a large impact on the whole person throughout their lifespan and are part of the evolution of social justice for marginalized populations. It is an invitation for you to become allies in this process of social change.

Participants will:

  • Explore and reflect on their own beliefs and biases about inclusion.
  • Give examples of the concepts defining inclusion and its impact on students and families.
  • Articulate ways to collaborate with teams for inclusive practices.
  • Review state examples of inclusive, concrete curriculum ideas and strategies.
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