Unpacking Standards to Reach ALL Students in the Math Classroom

6 clock hours

The State of Washington, adopted the Common Core Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) to equitably and comprehensively guide and inform student learning, and promote college and career readiness. This course will explore the CCSSM content and practice standards, key shifts in their development, and the critical relationship between standards-based learning and equitable access to learning. Through this process, participants will learn how to unpack standards to develop cognitively rigorous learning targets.

Participants will understand:

  • Math standards and key shifts in implementation – focus, coherence, and rigor.
  • The importance of ensuring equitable student access to grade level learning.
  • The coherence of math across grade levels and how to leverage prior concepts.
  • How to unpack standards to create high quality learning targets with clearly identified levels of rigor.
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