Universal Design for Learning 101

course #2221, 6 clock hours

Learn about Universal Design for Learning, a framework for inclusive education that aims to reduce barriers to learning and optimize each individual student’s opportunity to learn in the general education setting. The course will be organized into 4 core areas: equity and inclusionary practices, UDL Principles, overcoming barriers to implementation, and practical tips for implementing UDL principles in the classroom. This will establish why UDL principles are an equitable instructional approach to supporting all students’ learning in general education settings.

To fully participate, attendees should plan on bringing a laptop. Some of the course materials and resources will be accessed online. Additionally, all participants will receive a copy of the book High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms (while supplies last)

Participants will:

  • Review the history of the educational system in the United States as a framework for understanding current practices in education.
  • Explore the foundational principles of UDL and resources for developing a plan to begin incorporating UDL principles in their lesson planning.
  • Learn how to proactively identify and eliminate barriers that restrict access to meaningful education, thereby increasing achievement for all students.
  • Experience a UDL designed lesson plan and will receive tips for getting started with UDL.
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