The Attuned K-12 Educator: Accelerating Literacy

6 clock hours

The attuned K-12 Educator: Accelerating Literacy will provide in-depth understanding of the how equity, acceleration, and personalization will improve student learning in literacy. This course is designed for K-12 educators, in all content areas, who are seeking ways to accelerate student outcomes in literacy and considering how personalized learning approaches might enhance that acceleration. Participants will create a theory of action to deepen understanding of pedagogical shifts to leverage literacy development with evidence-based recommendations. This course explores the intersection of equity, multi-tiered systems of supports, WSLS to ensure proficient readers & writers.

Participants should be able to:

  • Create a theory of action to deepen understanding of pedagogical shifts.
  • Identify the components of foundational skills that enable readers to process the alphabetic code into meaningful text.
  • Understands the pedagogical shifts and key ingredients necessary for building knowledge and vocabulary that affirms students’ cultural heritage and identity with inclusive and equitable practices.
  • Ground writing in reading and inquiry as an accelerator for reading comprehension.
  • Attune to the pedagogical shifts necessary for helping students build a mental model through processes and skills for accelerating comprehension.
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