STEM in Sports: Using Sports for STEM Learning in Your Classroom

course #2370, 15 clock hours

This course is designed to help you to take the practice of a sport (any sport) and show and enhance STEM through the lens of sports. The course will shine a light on students who are motivated by sports and show how STEM can be incorporated into sports activities.
This course includes inclusionary practices so that all kids can learn. Universal Design for Learning will also be a part of this course.
This course includes a brief overview of STEM Standards, a few examples then asks participants to address their own standards:

  1. NGSS (Science and Engineering)
  2. CCSS (Math)
  3. Computer Science
  4. Technology

Participants will learn how to:

  • Build a unit in their content area that features Sports and STEM.
  • Incorporate inclusionary practices into their content area.
  • Incorporate Computer Science and science into their content areas.
  • Incorporate student voice and UDL practices.
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