High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Online/Hybrid Learning 

Course # 2327, 6 clock hours

Using theory and evidenced based best practices, this course explores how to plan for and facilitate high quality instruction to support all students during hybrid and remote teaching. We know that online learning presents both challenges and opportunities. We also know online learning presents challenges for many students, regarding access and equity. As described in the book, High Leverage Practices for Inclusive classrooms, there are four elements that should be considered when creating an inclusive classroom: collaboration, assessment, social emotional and behavior learning, and instruction. These evidence-based best practices can be applied to online or hybrid instruction, in order to create inclusive classrooms. This training will provide participants with an opportunity to explore and collaborate with colleagues across the state when discussing high leverage evidence-based practices for their classrooms.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify evidence based best practices for planning and delivering academic instruction for online learning.
  • Create systems and resources for peer collaboration during online or hybrid learning.
  • Engage in professional growth to ensure that online classrooms are inclusive in supporting all students.
  • Create systems and routines for teaching social skills, social and emotional learning, and behavioral support for students while teaching for online and hybrid learning.
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