Data Driven Instruction for Coaches and Mentors

Course #2405, 6 clock hours

This course will provide an in-depth look at instruction that is data-driven incorporating the Data-Based Instruction cycle from the coaching and mentoring lens.  Coaches and mentors will learn how to support teachers through all steps of Data-Based Instruction in a data collection cycle, from goal setting and writing to analysis and making instructional decisions based on the data collected.  Participants will explore different ways to collect both academic and behavior data in action and will have a chance to practice and discuss the different methods.  Throughout the course, coaches and mentors will discuss different resources to use to support data-driven instruction and data collection with their mentees and during a coaching cycle and will leave the training with tangible artifacts and resources to immediately put into practice.

Participants will increase ability to:
– facilitate Data-Based Instruction with teachers and mentees in their setting.
– Understand the various methods of data collection in the Data-Based Instruction cycle.
– Support and guide teachers with goal setting and goal writing to collect accurate and usable data.
– Support and guide teachers with data analysis to make informed data-based instructional decisions.

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