Beyond Intrinsic Motivation: Building Reward Systems

Course #2264, 6 clock hours

This course looks beyond self-motivation and the innate desire to succeed. It examines the difference between rewards and bribes while taking into consideration the need for all student to feel successful. The participants will compare adult and student perspectives to understand the underlying principles that drive motivation. Using positive behavior supports and these perspectives, the participant will obtain ideas and resources to effectively create, track, and facilitate a reward system within a variety of academic settings to include distance learning.

The learner will:
– Identify different motivations and the importance of how moving beyond intrinsic motivation can be rewarding.
– Understand the component of PBIS and identify the Tier prevention
– Compare student/adult perspectives
– Understand the definition of a reward and the difference between a reward and a bribe
– ecognize the use of rewards
– Utilize the building components to create a mock reward system to include rewards during distance learning”

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