The Handbook is one of the most frequently accessed resources on the WEA Special Education Support Center website…

WEA’s Special Education Support Center (SESC), with funding from OSPI, developed a handbook for parents and educators designed to make the Rules for the Provision of Special Education more accessible to parents and school professionals.

The Handbook is organized in six parts:

  • Part I contains explanations and definitions of basic terms.
  • Part II covers the evaluation process.
  • Part III explains the IEP process.
  • Part IV addresses behavior and positive behavior interventions.
  • Part V discusses problem-solving and ways to address disputes.
  • Part VI is a glossary of terms.

The Handbook can be viewed and downloaded from the SESC website.

Comments and questions may be addressed to Moly Baasch, WEA Special Populations/Programs Coordinator, by email, or by phone (253-765-7066).