12 aspiring Cadre Members participated in a March 1-2 training session in Wenatchee, focused on SpEd Law with WEA Trainer Barbara Tompkins.

The Washington Education Association is providing training for the latest cohort of the Special Education Cadre members… to assure better access to skilled trainers across the state.  This, under a State Needs Grant from OSPI.   Rebecca Fry and Barbara Tompkins (both with long-term experience providing training in all aspects of special education in Washington) are sharing responsibilities for the training.

Rebecca and Barbara are working with the new trainer candidates to get them up to speed in time for the WEA Summer Institutes.  Rebecca will provide customized trainings (Autism, 504, behavior, etc) and work with WEA’s Jill Dahlen to coordinate observational placements in existing trainings and then connect with trainings where they can have small training parts with experienced trainers — all part of a coordinated effort to bring more consistency to WEA’s special ed training.