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Welcome to the UDL Course Extension

Learn about Universal Design for Learning; why it is an effective strategy for individualizing instruction and how to apply it to your own practice. This 20- clock hour course will follow two PLC-style learning cycles:

  • The first cycle provides a grounding in UDL and tools to assess your current practice as it relates to UDL principles, guidelines, and checkpoints plus an introduction to effective goal-setting.
  • In the second cycle, you’ll use the self-assessment as a reference point in designing, implementing, and documenting outcomes from a UDL based lesson plan.

This UDL course extension alternates between synchronous Zoom sessions and asynchronous activity facilitated through SESC’s LearnDash LMS, as follows:

  1. A 2-hour Zoom, [date/time], presenting the why & what of UDL
  2. Two weeks, [dates], for reading, reflection, & self-assessment
  3. A 2-hour Zoom, [date/time], focusing on UDL-based lesson planning.
  4. Four weeks for designing, implementing, and monitoring student outcomes resulting from ”quarter turns” and individualized instruction.
  5. A 2-hour Zoom, [date/time], for sharing reflections on gains in student learning, recent impact on practice, and next steps/challenges moving forward.

Workshop Outline

  • 1-hour meeting to reflect on learnings and project anticipated change in practice.

Course Progress