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Behavior Course

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Behavior Course Overview

Course Description:

This course is designed for individuals who have completed the introductory course, Behavior Intervention Strategies to Support Students Socially, Emotionally, and Behaviorally through Inclusive Practices. Participants will collaboratively engage in the PLC process to research inclusive behavioral strategies in the classroom setting. Using this process, participants will engage in ongoing reflection to recognize and address the impact of mindset and bias on behavior intervention. They will cultivate a growth mindset and conduct strengths-based analyses to define behavior, select and implement interventions, monitor progress, and analyze data. At the end of the course, participants will present their findings and collectively reflect on the entire process.

Course Objectives:

  • Reflective Practices:
    • Engage in ongoing reflection on personal mindset and biases that impact intervention.
    • Mitigate biases through readings, short written assignments, and other activities.
  • Research-Based Implementation:
    • Select one or more high effect-size, research-based strategies, aligned with student strengths.
    • Implement chosen strategies for three weeks in their educational setting.
    • Collect and analyze data, then reflect on the findings with support from instructors.
  • Progress Monitoring and Decision-Making:
    • Implement next steps based on data analysis and reflections.
    • Continue intervention for an additional three weeks, collecting data and making informed decisions.
    • Present findings, including the decision-making process, to the cohort for collective reflection.
  • Integration and Reflection:
    • Reflect on how the PLC process and progress monitoring facilitated more inclusive practices. 
    • Share insights and lessons learned with the cohort, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

A week-by-week outline:

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