pics-035Annie Lamberto is a Special Education Teacher at Prairie High School in the Battle Ground School District. She works with students aged 14-21, teaching reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, social/behavioral skills, and vocational skills. Annie has been a special education teacher for the past 18 years, beginning her career in Broward County, Florida. She has experience in a variety of special education fields, including working with students with behavior disorders, autism spectrum disorders, students at risk, resource classrooms, and life skills classrooms. She holds a B.Ed. in Varying Exceptionalities , a M.Ed. in Technology, and is a Certified Autism Specialist. In 2013, Annie achieved National Board Teacher Certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist. She is the PBIS Team Lead in her building, implementing Tier I this year and is a member of the district Behavior Team. She has offered professional development in her district for the past 5 years. In 2012, Annie created the Southwest Washington Special Education Conference, an annual event providing resources and instruction to professionals and families in the community. She has been a member of the WEA Special Education Cadre for the past year. Annie serves as the High School Rep-at-Large for the Battle Ground Education Association.