Closing the GAP

Closing the Gap refers to an initiative officially titled: Closing the Special Education/General Education Gap: an uncommon approach to the Common Core.

With initial funding from the NEA Great Public Schools Fund, we are aiming to increase the capacity of Washington Schools to make general education classrooms more accessible to special populations, and in the process, to improve instruction and learning outcomes for all students.

We are guided by a vision of schooling whereby:

  • Each student is engaged in learning experiences referenced to common standards, but responsive to their unique gifts and needs.
  • Learning activities are designed, facilitated, and assessed by highly qualified educators who know each and every student (and their families).
  • The primary purpose of the accountability system is to inform practice, while protecting the privacy of individual students.

We are currently in a pre-project phase, coordinating efforts with partner organizations, developing criteria for project sites, and recruiting a cadre of trainers/coaches.  We will report progress in this section of the website.

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