Educators’ Toolbox

Check out our revised IDEA manual – Special Education in Washington State: a handbook for parents and educators.

Research, experience, and common sense all point to the reality that the school is the most effective focal point for improving student learning, when the individuals involved (teachers, para professionals, parents/caregivers, and administrators) feel and act as a professional learning community.

The Professional Learning Communities Assessment-Revised (PLCA-R) measures staff perceptions of school practices related to six dimensions of professional learning communities (PLCs). The questionnaire consists of statements about practices that can occur in schools. Respondents use a 4-point scale to indicate the degree to which they agree or disagree with each statement.

Learning Forward’s Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI) is a 50-item, web-enabled survey that assesses the alignment of a system’s professional learning practices with the Standards for Professional Learning. States, regional service centers, and school systems use this valid and reliable tool to measure teacher perceptions of professional learning, and to guide the planning, facilitation, implementation, and evaluation of professional learning to maximize its impact and investment.

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