The Virtual Community Organizers

Baasch is Special Populations/Programs Coordinator for the Washington Education Association.
Molly Baasch
Program Coordinator
She has also been a state trainer for OSPI and WEA for the past 6+ years. She is a member of the CEC as well as a head coach for Special Olympics.
Rebecca Fry
Life Skills Coordinator
For the past 6 years, he has been a consultant to the Special Education Support Center in the development of the website, the design and facilitation of Boot Camp Extensions, and the Closing the Gap initiative.
Gary Obermeyer
Learning Options
Annie Lamberto is a Special Education Teacher at Prairie High School in the Battle Ground School District. She works with students aged 14-21, teaching reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, social/behavioral skills, and vocational skills.
Annie Lamberto
Special Ed Teacher
Pat Steinburg has many years of experience working as a special educator in the public schools of Washington State, and as the special education coordinator for the Washington Education Association where her responsibilities included designing and providing training to educators on special education topics.
Pat Steinburg
Education Services Group


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